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Our History

The Lilasons Group’s humble beginnings date back to 1971. With great ambition and desire in their hearts, a few brothers came together to start a brewery in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. They wanted to introduce strong beer India and thus Khajuraho was born. At that time, it was the only Indian strong beer in the market. Being the pioneers of Super Strong Beer in India laid down a firm foundation for its success in this industry. Within two decades, Lilasons Group decided to expand in Maharashtra to tap its products ever-growing demand. The foundation for the factory was laid in February, 1993 in Aurangabad – the historic city of Maharashtra which also happened to have the highest industrial growth in Asia. The commercial production started in June, 1994. With the expertise ... Read Details

Our Quality Policy

Quality standards for a domestic beer that meet international standards ... Read Details

Our Products

Khajuraho Super Strong Beer

Khajuraho Super Strong Beer is light bodied and watery tasting, so definitely not recommended for those who prefer beer with bite! The brand is most well ... Read Details

Kangaroo Premium Mild Beer

Premium mild beers have been around in India for some time, but the difference is now that more and more of the brewers are making ... Read Details

Kangaroo 1000 Strong

Content Will Be Soon  Added.. ... Read Details

News and Events

Brew in India

Indian consumers are known to look for the biggest bang for their buck, and when it comes to beer it's no different some 85% of ... Read Details

Some Facts About Beer

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Good Bacteria In Beer Fights Diseases

 A recent study led by Harry Gilbert, professor of biochemistry at Newcastle University, Eric Martens of the University of Michigan's Department of Microbiology and Immunology, ... Read Details

5 Century Old, History Of Lager Beer

Using next-generation sequencing techniques, scientists have traced the origins of the yeast used in making the most popular lager beer all the way back to ... Read Details